Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wedding Photography

Jackie's youngest sister Amy got married on August 16th. Since I have my fancy new camera I helped out taking pictures at the ceremony and reception. The ceremony was at Dow Gardens in Midland, very beautiful with plenty of good spots for pictures. I got a little shutter happy, taking 1345 pictures, but it was a lot of fun, using the new camera and getting some really cool shots.

Jackie was one of the bridesmaids and look exceptionally beautiful, as you can see in the picture below. Everything went great, and other than being super hot out (in the 90's with lots of humidity) the weather was good.

One of the cool accessories I got for the camera was an external flash. You can aim it in different directions so during the reception I would bounce the flash off the white cealing which made the pictures turn out nice and bright, but without that glossy look from the flash reflecting off people's faces.

If you're interested, all of the pictures can be seen at


Todd Shorkey said...

Jay - You've got some skills behind that lens, Brother!

Great photos! It looked like a beautiful day and Dow Gardens has some amazing backdrops, scenery, and colors.

AP said...

Hey Jason:
Great shots! I'm really curious about getting a "real" camera (SLR) but I'm afraid that I'd buy it and then never want to give up the little Canon that fits in my jeans pocket! But your great photos make me re-think that. (And Jackie looks gorgeous!) Hope you are enjoying the late summer. Hugs to both of you -- Miss you! Allison

SingleTrackMinded said...

I can't take too much credit Todd, the camera was in Auto mode:).

I thought the same thing for a while Allison, that it would be too big and bulky. We won't get rid of our little point and shoot for its convenience and portability, but taking pictures with the DSLR is a whole different experience. Now I just need to learn how to use it right.