Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My blog sucks!

That's pretty much what everyone has been telling me, so I figured I should do one of two things, actually make a post or just delete the whole thing. Since so many faithful followers of me would be crushed if I deleted it, here we go.

My last post was 5 months ago. Pathetic, huh? So I'm not going to do the catch up post, because I don't feel like typing all night. There's still a lot going on to talk about though.

Jackie and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a long weekend up north. We stayed in St Ignace (just on the UP side of the Mackinaw Bridge) and did day trips to Tahquamenon Falls, Mackinaw Island, Pictured Rocks and the Soo Locks. Our hotel was right on Lake Huron, over looking Mackinaw Island. Every night they would have a campfire down by the beach. One night while down there we started talking to an older couple who were the only other people there. They asked why we were up there and when I said for our 3rd anniversary they both started laughing. Turns out they were there celebrating their 53rd. Big deal, so we're a few years off. Gives us something to strive for.

Other than Iceman, and a few other races, the mountain bike season is basically over. But cyclocross is in full swing. A few of my teammates are really into cross so I joined them for a race at Stoney Creek just over a week ago. One word describes cross, brutal. The race is only 1/2 hour long, but you're going full out the whole time. If you stop and coast to take a break you will end up with too much ground to make up in 30 minutes. Ben, John and our newest Todd on Team Sandbag all raced as well. Curt was there taking pictures as he's still having knee problems. It's tough on Curt too, as he is really passionate about cross and is basically the one that got everyone involved in it from our team.

The rest of the team did really well. Todd took 2nd (in his first race ever), John got 4th and Ben got 7th. I think I was actually in last place in our class for a little bit, but on our second lap of three I became determined to not place last. One by one I picked off some guys from our class and some from the over 40 class that had passed me earlier. I ended up 23rd out of 28 racers. Not the best finish, but better than laying on the couch I suppose. The races are painful and I spend much of it thinking to myself "why the hell am I doing this?". But once its over I start thinking about the next one. Crazy, huh?

Speaking of the next one, I'll give it a go again this weekend. Then I'm off to Scotland for work next week. Iceman is just around the corner, so I need to get a few more good workouts in. Stay tuned, maybe I'll post up about it, hopefully in less than 5 months.