Friday, July 17, 2009

Free WiFi

That's what else I like about the Pacific Northwest, free wifi. It was free at the Vancouver airport so since I had lots of time to kill I fired up the laptop, got some e-mails taken care of and posted to the blog. Now I'm in Seattle and my iPhone picked up AT&T wifi, also free. Nothing is free at the Detroit airport.

Well, almost time for my red eye. The good news is I've been upgraded to first class so hopefully I can get a little sleep on the plane. Any time I start to think my travel schedule is rough I just think about my cousin Dave's. By comparison I've yet to experience anything close to rough.

Vancouver, BC

I'm sitting in the Vancouver airport right now, waiting for a flight to Seattle. From Seattle I have the red eye home to Detroit. I've been here for over two hours and have three more before my flight. My original plan was get here early and maybe jump on an earlier flight. No luck. I wished I had stayed downtown for a while longer. It was a beautiful day out so it would have been nice to just sit and look at the mountains across the harbor. I have to say I've been to some pretty cool places over the past 5 years or so, but Vancouver ranks right up there at the top.

A couple weeks ago my cousins Dave and Allison were in as well as my Aunt Carol and Uncle Andy. On the 4th of July everyone came up to Port Huron for the day for lunch at our house and a cruise on the Huron Lady. It was just one part of a really great weekend that included Greenfield Village and lots of family time. So we're on the Huron Lady talking about boating with my cousin Dave. He and Allison used to live on the water in Annapolis, MD and loved boating. They now live in England temporarily but really look forward to returning to living on or near the water. Dave and my sister Amy were discussing the water and how it is their favorite place to spend time for vacations. I said something along the lines of "I like the water, but I'm more of a mountain guy." Well Vancouver has proven I do love the water, when they are surrounded by a back drop of beautiful green mountains that seem to rise straight out of the ocean.

I've been here since Tuesday and had some time to do some exploring. It was basically a tease that has just made me want to come back with Jackie. Here's some of the pictures I took. They're just camera phone pictures, but I picked the best ones. Check out the guy below. I was at a park with a road that climbed a mountain, about 3000 feet up. There was a whole group of these guys on these extra long skate boards basically surfing down the road. They were going so fast this guy passed me when I was doing about 40 mph. Crazy!!!